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Ghost Dog Still Likes to Sleep at the Foot of the Bed

This is so sweet.
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One of the most moving things I’ve ever heard about losing a pet is that, while they are only with you for a little while, you are their entire lives. For animals like dogs and cats, their lifetimes are so short compared to ours that we experience many instances of pet loss throughout our pet-having years. But despite their short tenure on this Earth, they are never truly forgotten, particularly if their spirit likes to hang out and continue on with their old routines.

For this family, their beloved dog Lily is gone but not forgotten, and may not even be gone. 


In this Reddit post, a young woman asks if anyone else has had the experience of visitations from their deceased pet. Apparently, she has been waking in the middle of the night to a sound of a dog downstairs in her house, but when she goes down, she realizes that her living dog is asleep upstairs with her parents. Her dead dog, Lily, has been gone for over a decade. But when she told her mother about the sounds she has been hearing, her mom had a shocking explanation.

Apparently, ever since Lily’s death, her mother has “felt” her come to sleep on the foot of her bed. In fact she began to realize that if she heard a dog get on her bed with no collar, it was the spirit of Lily, whereas one with a collar jingling was their still living pup.

However, recently, her mother changed bedrooms, and since then, she has not had visitations from Lily. Sounds like someone needs to guide the spirit of this poor dog back where she belongs, at the foot of the parents' new bed.