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Woman Believes Ghost Photobombed Her From Her Closet

You can even see its glowing eyes...

For some people, the discovery of a ghost in their home comes as a real shock. Many people would be ready to move at the first sign of paranormal activity. For others, it’s more like the kind of momentary surprise that occurs when you unexpectedly catch your cat hiding out in the closet. I’m very impressed by this woman who barely breaks her stride when one photobombs the middle of her video.


In this video, a woman is detailing her current skincare routine for the camera when the door behind her swings open and some orbs (or are those glowing eyes?) make themselves known fro the dark interior of the closet. Though momentarily startled, she rallies quickly, saying, “Real ghost, caught on camera!”

In subsequent videos, Vicky shows close-ups on the orbs glowing inside the closet, and explains that she is pretty blasé about ghosts, having grown up in an incredibly haunted house in which she and her siblings regularly caught the sight of shadow people dancing on the landing. I suppose that after a while, having a ghost in your house is no more unusual and obtrusive than a minor pest infestation, or a mischievous house cat.

Later, she even purchases some ghost hunting devices and communicates with the spirit, who eventually manages to call her by name, much to Vicky—and the viewer’s—delight. As Vicky details her struggles with depression in several videos, it’s nice to know that she has a friendly neighborhood ghost looking out for her and making sure she greets each new day.