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Security Camera Catches Ghost Child Chasing Cat Up Stairs

Now, now, pet nice.

Ghost videos are nice. Videos about ghosts and animals are nicer. Videos about ghosts and children might be the nicest. So today, we hit the trifecta: a video about an animal and a ghostly child!


In this video, a cat races up a staircase, followed in quick succession by a shimmering orb. It’s very fast and easy to miss, but fortunately the poster, Julie Van, has a slow-motion, close-up version of the same event available for people to take a look at as well.

In other videos, she is able to capture a shadow moving in the hallway where the stairs are (an area of the house she claims is often strangely cold. She has also recorded a strange mist climbing into bed with her and her cat for a snuggle

Van is convinced that her home is haunted by a small child. She found a child’s tooth in the house, although the landlord says no kids have lived there in a long time. Although she turned the tooth over to police, without more information, there is little that can be done with such paltry physical evidence. The police do not take into account van’s stories of ghostly visits, or the disturbing messages she says she has received over her EVP recorder, or any other sounds she claims the ghost has made into her home.

The good news is that the ghost doesn’t seem to cause her any harm, and is only mildly annoying to her cat.