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Man Thought Ghost of His Wife Was Haunting Him, But the Truth is Much Worse

It’s time to go.

A “poltergeist” is a term for a ghostly presence that makes itself known by moving objects around. It comes from two German words: poltern, which means “to make a disturbance” and geist, which means “ghost”. This man in the video you’re about to see thought he was dealing with one, but the manifestation had far more horrifying things in store for him.


This video begins like a garden variety poltergeist video, showcasing a nighttime view of an empty kitchen. Empty, that is except for the ghost, who immediately begins sliding a chair across the abandoned floor. As the chair reaches the back of the room, you can see a misty presence maneuvering it, then violently throwing it to the ground.

The man of the house had hopes that the visiting spirit was his dead wife, but was in for a nasty surprise. “My hallwalker is back,” he whispers into the camera before heading to investigate. But what he finds in the hall is not the lingering presence of his beloved, but a tall desperate entity who brazenly walks up behind him moaning “help me” before leering over his shoulder as if ready to look in the camera itself!

Terrified, the man sprints down the hall, sobbing that he now realizes that whatever is haunting his home, it’s not the ghost of his wife, but spirit of a much larger sort, one that is obviously unhappy, angry and desperate for aid that it may be impossible for a living person to provide. 

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