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Ghost Hunter Shares the Scariest Ghost Footage He’s Every Captured from the 90s and It Does Not Disappoint

Imagine what that might look like on a modern camera phone?

Apparently, the term ghost-hunting is not a new one. According to The Oxford English Dictionary, which tracks the use of words and terms throughout the history of our language, the first recorded use of the term was in 1794, in a novel. So it isn’t the Discovery Channel who invented the past time. Folks have gone out looking for spooky stuff for hundreds of years. They just didn’t have all the technical doodads and fancy machinery to play with back then.

For example: this video, taken in the early nineties, that purports to show a series of shadows moving through a house. 


Creepy, right? The creator says that though this video is over thirty years old, things at the home (where his father still lives) have not settled down. He’s had covers ripped off him in bed and once he was even pushed down the stairs. “Living in a haunted house wasn’t a great childhood experience,” he confesses. His documentation of the supernatural activity in the location has been featured on shows like Paranormal Caught on Camera, and sparked a lifelong interest in the unexplained.

One interesting thing to note about this video is that although it is over thirty years old, it looks almost as nice as the videos that claim to be taken on modern camera phones. This is not a complaint about this video quality, but rather a question about why today’s cameras are so rotten when it comes to capturing paranormal activity. Some say that the spirits interact with the tech and cause it to go wonky. If so, maybe we should all go back to VHS, because this is super clear.