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Ghost Drives a Burning Bus to Safety

Something sure moved it out of the way!

Residents in the coastal community of Raumati Beach on the Southwest coast of New Zealand’s North Island were stunned last month when their homes were unexpectedly saved from a dangerous growing fire…by a bus seemingly driving itself.

Visitor Craig Meek says he smelled gasoline in the night and came out on the street to find a nearby “house bus” (a camper or RV in American terms) engulfed in flames. As they filmed the fire growing, endangering the nearby houses, the bus suddenly turned on, shifted into gear, and drove itself across the street, where no homes sat.


Meek claims he was just thinking that the gas tank in the bus might cause an explosion that would spread the fire to the homes on the street when the lights went on shocking all onlookers. Moments later, the bus turned on and drove across the street to safety.

The bus belonged to a neighbor, who says that he and his wife enjoyed many years of travel inside the vehicle. Most significantly, she died in the bus three years previously.

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"I wonder if it's my wife taking it away," the owner speculated in the video, adding that she "probably didn't want the neighbor[hood] to burn down".

Though it is possible that the fire caused an electrical short circuit in the vehicle that resulted in the flashing lights and sparked ignition, no one can explain what shifted the bus into gear nor the coincidence that it drove to the one spot in the road where the only thing the fire could harm was a tree and a tennis court.

For those who witnessed the sight, the only explanation is the supernatural one

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