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Video Appears to Show Shadowy Ghost Passing Through Bricked Up Doorway

Ghost don't need an opening.
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Once, long ago, I worked in a newspaper office in a historic building that was said to have once been home to a brothel. Naturally, people said it was haunted. Among its other quirks, the floors of our building were positioned at a different height than they had been at prior times in the building’s history, and those who did claim to see spectral activity had wild stories of working late at night, and seeing the forms of ghostly ladies wading up and down the hall, as they “walked” on floors several feet lower than our current carpeted corridors.

I couldn’t help thinking of the story when I saw this video of a ghost blithely using a building entrance that no longer exists.

In the video, a dark, humanoid figure seems to float across the ground and straight into the brick wall of a building! “Do you believe spirits can use doorways that are closed up if that doorway was accessible during their life?” the caption asks.

Some people believe that ghosts are not the trapped souls of the dead at all, but rather, inter dimensional beings whose existence “bleeds through” into our reality. Other theories claims that we are getting fleeting glimpses into other timelines, or even into the “memories” of the space itself.

I never did get to see the wandering, wading ladies of the evening at my old office, but I never walked down those halls without wondering what imprints I might be leaving for future ghost hunters to see.

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