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Woman Asks Ghost of Young Boy to Turn Off Flashlight and He Does

Friendly ghosts are more fun.

It’s probably weird when your roommate is a little boy and also no longer living. This woman seems pretty cool with it and seems to have good relations with the ghost she believes shares her space. She has a flashlight set up by a bedside nightstand with a mirror behind it and asks the ghost she believes to be named “Devon” to turn it off for the camera. Without hesitation the flashlight dims all the way to dark before winking back to life. All of a sudden, a child’s toy can be heard talking in the background, asking what two plus two is. She asks the ghost to knock with the answer, saying he’s ten and should be able to do the basic math. The toy speaks again asking about the alphabet and a faint ghostly groan can be heard, much like a ten year old boy groaning when not wanting to do homework. 

Interestingly, this resourceful woman is using basic household items to communicate and test paranormal activity, using a child’s speaking toy as a sort of spirit box. Another frequently utilized piece of ghost hunting equipment is, surprisingly, a cat toy which uses motion activation to entertain cats but seems to double for detecting ghosts. These simple and inexpensive tools can help you discover if you have any spirits hanging around your home, even on a budget.  

All in all, if you are going to have a ghost in your home then it’s probably best to have a friendly one! 

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