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Mom Sings Happy Birthday to Deceased Child At Gravesite and Her Baby ‘Shows Up’ in Wildest Way

That can’t just be a coincidence.

The pain of losing a child is often the greatest suffering a person can know. For this young mom, her son might have not have lived long after birth, but her love for him remains boundless. She regularly visits his grave, decorating the space for every holiday and leaving him small presents. Her loving attention of him is clearly appreciated, and she gets signs that he is still with her, as in this video. 


The video is set at a brightly decorated gravesite, filled with flowers, toys, and sparkling pinwheels. The Mom sets down a cupcake on the gravestone, marked with a single candle. Together, she and her companion sing “Happy Birthday” to her son. When they finish, she says, “You can go ahead and blow them out now. Just as she says that, the pinwheel next to the cupcake begins to spin, and the candle blows out!

It’s fashionable, in videos such as these, to look for the hidden effects. The portable fan held just out of frame, or the person blowing off screen. But that’s not what this is about. If you’re looking for authenticity, this video is one hundred percent authentic. This poor woman has had a very difficult year, and then some (as she discovered it was unlikely that her baby would live past birth halfway through her pregnancy). She prepared for a baby she knew she’d only get to hold in her arms for a short while, and instead of all the joyful baby pictures most new parents get, she has portraits of his lovingly adorned grave.

We join all the viewers who agree that this was a sign. The woman’s baby is watching, and he loves her back.