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Oregon Woman Claims Ghost Beermaker Told Her the Secret to His Famous Brew

You'll never guess what it is.

Henry Weinhard was a nineteenth century brewmaster and brewery owner made famous by his namesake beers and soft drinks. His brewery in Portland, Oregon is open to this day, where they currently focus on alcoholic seltzers and other sodas. However, the brand was ubiquitous throughout the Pacific Northwest throughout the twentieth century, and it was only in 2021 that the Molson Coors company (who owns the business now) announced that they would no longer be making the signature product, Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve beer.

Still, all is not lost for fans of that particular brew, as a psychic says she’s got you covered.


This TikToker recently visited the historic brewery in Oregon, and claims to have had the chance to chat with the storied beer maker herself.

In her story, she explains that the ghost of Henry Weinhard appeared outside his brewery. He was dressed in tails and a top hat, and still very proud of his product and all of his accomplishments. She dared to ask him what the secret to good beer making was and he told her that once he’d made his beer in a barrel that had originally been used for holding salt and it was the best beer he’d ever brewed. After that, he always salted his beer, and said that was the best way of making it.

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This is certainly a much more in-depth conversation than we are used to hearing from ghosts! To think some people are satisfied with a couple of raps on a table and here is Henry Weinhard dropping entire beer recipes!

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