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Man Tries To Record Basement Ghost, But People Worry Something Followed Him Upstairs

What is that thing?

Isn’t it always the way? You are trying to record the creepy stuff happening in your house, and you wind up capturing something totally unexpected! Whether it’s Paranormal Activity or one of ten million copycat security camera videos on YouTube, recording the ghosts that supposedly live in your house has become a favorite pastime of the amateur videographer. And why not? Without photographic proof, who is going to believe that you’ve got haunts in your house?

Sometimes—and I hate to admit this, as a dedicated chronicler of the spooky side of the internet—people even make up ghosts in their house, using fishing lines, greens screens, or the clever video editing software that is packaged into apps like TikTok.

But what if the ghosts are real anyway?


In this video, a man appears to be setting up a security camera in his basement to capture some spooky stuff he claims is happening down there. And, sure enough, after he leaves, a mysterious presence peeks out of a darkened doorway, looking for all the world like Michael Myers from the Halloween series of horror films. Creepy!

But that isn’t what most viewers of this video are concerned about. Rather, they point out the mysterious shadow that appeared to follow the man upstairs after he set up his camera. “They put a person in the closet to make it seem they have paranormal stuff, but what went up the stairs?” asks one person in the comments. Another agrees, saying, “the doglike apparition that followed the guy up the stairs is what I would worry about.”

Maybe they can enlist the scary looking dude in the closet to help with the real ghosts in this home.