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Security Camera Catches Mom and Son Being Attacked By Some Unseen Force

Watch the way her shirt moves...

Insistent banging on the entrance door causes this woman and her son to be alarmed when nobody is there, and then a chair moves seemingly on its own causing them to flee the room - right through what they think is a ghost!


Something unseen appears to grab the woman’s shirt while she swats at it ineffectually, finally her heroic son runs back and grabs her, pulling her from the room all while something keeps grabbing her sweater.

Skeptics point out this could easily be faked with fishing wire that unexpectedly caught on the woman as she went past, but others point out the angle of the sweater changes like it slipped out of a hand that had to grab at it again. The chair also doesn't move as the woman tries to get away from the attack, which you would expect if a line were attached to make it move in the first place.

Not all ghostly visitors are friendly, such as exemplified by the famous case of Doris Bither, the real life basis of the movie The Entity. Her case is notable for its many supporting witnesses to poltergeist activity, such as lights, green mist, and spectral figures. These paranormal events took place in the 1970’s but there have been many ghost attacks since then, some even captured on video.

Ghost or hoax, it’s unsettling to have something unseen tugging on one’s clothes!