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Woman Captures Apparition in the Kitchen Just Staring At Her

Though some think it’s just an illusion...

Imagine having that spine-tingling chill of being watched without knowing why - for twelve years this woman has believed she shared her home with a ghost that finally revealed himself. She was sitting on her couch one evening and was hearing phantom noises so she grabbed her phone to record and caught the whole ghost standing still and staring at her from a corner of her kitchen.  

She zooms in and a ghostly, transparent apparition can be seen standing there. It looks like a man but with an indistinct face, wearing a white button down shirt with the top unbuttoned. The woman says hello but the figure stays still, seeming to just stare back at the camera. After a few moments the woman seems to hear something and says “What?” The shadowy and transparent head seems to move slightly, almost as if it’s trying to talk.

Eventually she pans the camera around the room quickly to show the rest of the scene and then goes back to the ghost that has continued to stand there, steadfastly staring. Roughly halfway through the video she thinks the ghost is trying to point at something, but that seems difficult to see via camera recording.

These strange attempts to talk may be indicative the spirit needs assistance in communicating. It would be interesting to see the results of a ouija board session, using a spirit board is said to be easier for some apparitions than vocalizations. 

As this ghost seems to have difficulty moving, it may be time to call in a psychic medium to perform a seance. Convincing footage like this ought to scare off any charlatans!

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