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New “Ghost-Finding” App Debunked

A wristwatch and bar of soap turn this man's face into a ghost.

Seemingly inexplicably, a man slides a bar of soap under the lens of his glasses. He slides an analogue wristwatch under the other lens. The familiar loading circle of TikTok appears while the app filter switches on, and his face is transformed into the crouching image of a manga-style woman in a wispy flowing dress that looks nothing like the man, or the original image.  

We can’t say for certain that a ghost isn’t twerking on his face, however it seems increasingly likely that this app is just bad at recognizing things. The app is AI Manga and its intended purpose is to take your face and turn it into a cartoon anime face, however paranormal enthusiasts have been using it as a ghost hunting app. They believe the app is detecting spirits invisible to the naked eye. In reality these sort of apps are just taking shapes in the background and trying to match them to human figures. This can mean background items misidentified can lead the app to have trouble distinguishing where the person-shape ends and results in these hilarious app “bloopers”.

Beginner ghost hunters often use monitoring devices hoping to pick up things outside of human perception. These include audio and video recording, as well as Electromagnetic Frequency detectors that pick up electrical anomalies. Motion detectors are also utilized to indicate ghostly presences, sometimes even a simple cat toy can be used to signal spirits have joined you. 

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