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Couple Who Had a “Friendly Ghost” In Their Apartment Asked AI to Draw What It Looked Like and the Results Are Eerily Calming

Not what we were expecting...

Every once in a while, a new kind of divination is invented. Ancients used to sacrifice animals and read answers in their entrails. For thousands of years, people have sought meaning in the movement of the stars. Many people believe that one can shuffle cards and find meanings in the pictures depicted on the ones chosen at random. Kids all over ask Magic 8 Balls to tell them their future. And now, Tiktokers think that the platforms art program isn’t just generating fun images for them, but can actually answer great spiritual questions, unsolved mysteries, or even predict the future.

How else to explain the recent trend, in which TikTok users “ask AI” to tell them what will happen, in the future, what imaginary creatures really looked like, how actually performed famous murders, or, in this case, what the ghost in this couple’s house looks like?


In the video, the haunted “Hamily Family” asks the TikTok AI to draw a picture of their “friendly ghost.” The resulting portrait is an obscure draped figure with long hair. So… ghostly.

“I feel like its sad based on this picture. Like it followed you guys not to be lonely,” says one commenter.

Apparently, the family recently moved and most commenters want to know if this ghost is one that attached to them and moved with them. If so, it’s good that this ghost appears to be of the friendly variety, and if this AI has any idea what it’s talking about, it’s not a particularly terrifying one to look at.

But again, how would the AI know?