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Woman Gets a Good Look at a Sasquatch In Georgia While Taking Dog for a Walk

Now she wants to lure it back...

The Appalachian region is home to many strange legends and unusual folklore. This ancient mountain range is literally older than bones, and generations of people have developed their own customs around whether or not to discuss the things they see in these woods and hills. 

On reddit’s r/Bigfoot forum, a resident of Jasper Georgia reports that his wife got a good long look at a Sasquatch-like creature while out taking the dog for a walk Although she looked at the animal for what she claims was two minutes, she didn’t take any photos of the creature, fearing that she might spook it. The poster reports that his wife’s sighting only confirmed for him what he already suspected about the presence of such creatures in their neighborhoods, as he’s heard mysterious calls in the forest and has had rocks thrown at him (a common Bigfoot defensive maneuver).

Others on the forums agree that this area is a known habitat, and confirm the details of what the woman described. One poster, from a nearby area of North Carolina, says that he saw something moving in the woods that was brown and furry, but definitely not a bear, as it throw rocks and sticks at him, too.

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As the woman is a decent artist, she is hoping to draw a picture of what she saw and report it to Bigfoot special interest groups. A poster on the forum suggested she also draw a copy for toe creature and leave it out as an offering to see what, if anything, might be returned. 

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