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Looking For an Exotic Addition to Your Witch’s Garden? Try Finger Limes.

This unique edible plant produces "lime caviar"!

Have you ever looked at your witch’s garden and thought it seemed a little too normal? Did you secretly dream of exotic fruits and deadly poisons but ended up with lavender and rosemary like everybody else? Let us introduce to you to the fascinatingly weird finger lime, also called caviar limes for the round pulp that spills out like eggs when the citrus is sliced open.  

These amazing fruits are native to Australia and nearly went extinct before making a fairly recent comeback as a gourmet food phenomenon that spread across the internet as people across the globe wanted to try these unique fruits for themselves. Those lucky few who have managed to taste one for themselves compare the experience to juice poppers one might find at a frozen yogurt toppings bar, with the globular juice vessels bursting lightly in one’s mouth with a citrusy lime flavor.

Commercial cultivation attempts are underway to bring back this amazing tree from the brink of extinction, however the fruits are still quite expensive to purchase leading many to try growing their own from the seeds. The seeds from a fresh fruit can be germinated on a damp paper towel, however they are slow to grow and can take up to fifteen years to mature. They are quite capable of growing as indoor potted trees such as lemons or limes, and may produce fruit faster if kept under optimal conditions indoors.

These growing conditions make it an ideal plant for a witch’s garden while also being simultaneously difficult for commercial growers, who often try to speed up the process by use of root grafting. A lot of people will suggest those just starting a witch’s garden for the first time begin with the basics and easy plants, but that can be very boring to the practical witch who buys her mint and rosemary at the supermarket like everybody else. There are no rules that say you can’t just skip right to the fun stuff - especially if it’s going to take a few years to bear fruit. 

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