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You Can Actually Play Checkers On the Virginia Grave of this Famous Gamer

The stone literally instructs you to PLAY.
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Some folks get very creative with their final resting place. They use their grave markers to have the literally final word, or define their lifespan on their own terms, or even share the secret recipe they refused to tell anyone in life.

For this well-known online gamer, either the man himself or his friends and family thought the most appropriate memorial would be to honor him with a nod to his favorite activity: playing games.


Brian Rucker, known to online gamers as “Oddjob,” was heavily involved in the MMORPG community and blogged extensively about various video games. When he passed ten years ago, he was laid to rest in Richmond’s Hollywood cemetery. His gravestone memorial looks like a stone bench inscribed with his name, a sweet remembrance, and, up top, a checkerboard and all all caps exhortion to PLAY.

It’s actually kind of sweet. Previous visitors have left behind stones that one can use as makeshift checkers if you want to follow Rucker’s final direction and play a little game.

For Rucker, gaming was more than a pastime, it was a way of life. One a forum for the game Star Wars Galaxies, he wrote: “I'm an old gamer. I've been roleplaying since there was roleplaying (except during brief periods when I was "too cool," but I got over it). I was raiding dungeons long before PCs became a household appliance. I remember how exciting Pong was and still can't believe my eyes when I log into something like SWG [Start Wars Galaxies] or wander around in Oblivion. But I've been along every step of the way.”