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“Everyone’s” Favorite Sassy Mom Has Solid Advice About Spell Work

She’s hysterical and super on point.

This spunky elder witch reminds everyone that your words are spells so be careful what you put out there! Her juxtaposition of salty language and sweet terms of endearment leave viewers smiling while contemplating what they might be inadvertently bringing into the universe. These mystical associations between language and magic trace back to the most ancient attempts at the written word. 

Ancient Egyptians credited the god Thoth as inventor of hieroglyphics and was considered to be scribe of the underworld. Ancient Norse culture believed their runes to be a gift from the god Odin, who hung himself from the sacred tree Yggdrasil for nine nights in sacrifice to receive the gift of knowledge in the form of the runic alphabet. The Greeks often associate the creation of writing with Hermes, although the writings of Herodotus indicate the Greeks derived their alphabet from the Phoenicians. 

The belief that words and letters are sacred and magical is the foundation for rune stone divination, casting stones with the runic alphabet carved into them to reveal what is coming in the future. Many prefabricated rune stone sets are available, but many believe handcrafted sets to be more powerfully charged and aligned with the powers of divination. These unique and individualized sets can be crafted from many different materials, not just stone. Things such as wood, metal, or resin are commonly used.  

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