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Man Hysterically Claims This House Has Most Red Flags for Being Haunted That He’s Ever Seen

Fair points.

What are the top signs a Zillow listing might be haunted? This hilarious TikToker takes us through the warning signals on a house that has more ghostly red flags than any he’s ever seen previously. The first sign is the building was constructed in 1794, followed by a price he says is suspiciously low for the amount of land in that area. He quickly breezes through the updated and remodeled rooms to get to the good stuff - good for ghost hunters, that is. Behind a little door in the bathroom is the only access to the attic, which is an older style meant solely for storage. In the basement the original eighteenth century fireplace stands intact, complete with the original stools and tools. Then we get to the tunnels, that’s right - tunnels. 

What is even the point of a centuries old basement fireplace without its very own dark entry into some secret tunnels? Fireplaces seem to call to ghosts and other visiting spirits, so that seems like it would be an ideal location to begin communication attempts with any lingering spirits haunting this amazing old home. Some common first steps would be a ouija board, seance, or black mirror to see if any spirits are already trying to contact the mortal realm.  

One commenter points out that as a child they used to wonder why people even tried to stay in homes that were clearly haunted, but as an adult with bills to pay it has become suddenly crystal clear. Many folks feel that ghosts are actually fine, so long as they kick in their share of the rent. Otherwise it’s time for a ghostly eviction process. 

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