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Wife’s Hysterical ‘Speaker Prank’ Scares Husband to Death

He was big mad...

In my opinion, the best pranks are the ones that everyone involved can laugh about afterwards, But sometimes practical jokes can go a little too far and either seriously scare or hurt their victims. When pranks get the reaction in the video below, you might seriously want to reconsider what you’re doing to your friend and loved ones. Also, you might want to look into anger management strategies.


In the video, wife Allie seeks to play a practical joke on her husband by planting a secret speaker in his bathroom. When her husband Noah comes inside, the speaker begins speaking to him in a creepy child’s voice: “Can you see me? Can you find me?” the speaker calls out, concerning the man, who swings aside the shower curtain.

That’s when Allie pulls her final move, flickering the lights on and off and letting out a bloodcurdling scream.

Noah is Not Amused. He screams and curses at her, storming across the room in what seems to be an unhealthy rage. As his wife laughs at him he throws the towel at her, pushes her aside, and continues to shout and beg her to stop.

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“It was funny until it wasn’t,” says one commenter, referring to his disturbing response. This seems to be an ongoing source of conflict for them, because he yells at one point that she needs to stop. And I can certainly understand how frustrating it might be to live with a person who thinks it’s funny to terrify you whenever you go to use the bathroom, but his anger was truly just as unsettling as the speaker itself. I think both people in this marriage need to settle down. 

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