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Bored Man Goes Ghost Hunting and It’s more Hilarious Than Haunting

Spooky doesn’t necessarily mean no fun!

Bored and rainy can be a dangerous combination, and it inspired this man to go ghost hunting in the cemetery across the street from him. A new TikTok filter called “AI Manga” was meant to rapidly transform images into an anime-like cartoon version but has been adapted for something even stranger - detecting ghosts. Users noticed they could scan rooms and people would appear in the app where nobody was in the room, spawning a frenzy of new ghost hunts.  

This man immediately sees a woman standing on top of one of the gravestones. He investigates the grave she was on and discovers the name Evans marking it. He very politely introduces himself and tells the ghost he wants to know her story and pay his respects.

Speaking respectfully in a graveyard is one of the six rules of cemeteries, for those who believe in ghosts know the first rule is never speak ill of the dead. Other rules, such as don’t go at night, are aimed at avoiding ghostly contact from beyond which is dismissible for those seeking ghosts, of course.

Can Artificial Intelligence detect ghostly spirits from beyond the grave or is it just translating the data incorrectly? Many say these ghostly apparitions are just the app detecting shapes from objects nearby it doesn't properly recognize and filling that gap with whatever shape comes closest, and sometimes that is a person. 

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