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Woman Stumbles Upon Obvious Fae Trap

Nothing suspicious to see here!

We’re not saying you shouldn’t open the door and walk through it, but you should expect there is at least a chance you might end up abducted by the fairies. A woman out for a nice evening walk along the beach line immediately recognized the door standing up in the grass, unconnected to anything, as a fae trap. She pans the camera around to show there is no nearby reasonable explanation for this door just standing upright as if by magic.  

The video cuts to her approaching the door from behind, still standing upright and bizarrely appearing to defy gravity. As she approaches the door she pauses to ruminate that she might be one of those people who dies in horror movies after all, clearly self aware she is approaching something weird by herself at night.

She circles the door, providing clear and steady footage of something that doesn’t seem possible. The bottom of this free standing door should be wedged into the ground to keep it upright, but instead it barely seems in the ground at all, with only one corner seeming to drop below the packed dirt and obviously not very deep. The other bottom corner edge can be seen as exposed and only resting on the ground.

In what we assume was some sort of natural self-preservation, the woman did not try to enter the door despite the clear potential of it leading to the realms of Faerie. That’s not to say it definitely will, as a recent video showed a woman prancing around inside of a perfect fairy ring of amanita mushrooms and emerging just fine - or at least she appeared to be the same. Who can say?  

Those looking to befriend the fae are advised to start close to home with fae that may already have taken a shine to you, rather than stumbling into a clear fairy trap in the wild.  

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