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Indigenous TikToker Jokes About Calling On “Wrong” Ancestors

We are here for this crossover.

People with multiple heritages can sometimes find their cultures of origin to make uneasy bedfellows. There can be trauma there, or memories that they might not want to unpack or revisit. Or maybe the fit is just awkward or amusing. As always, it’s best to try to find humor in many of life’s difficulties, and especially when they can be otherwise overwhelming in their nature.

For this Native man, his mixed heritage makes for a fascinating time whenever he is calling on guidance or protection from his ancestors, as he is never quite sure which ancestors he’s going to get.


“When I, a mixed Native, confused raven feather for an eagle feather and accidentally call on the ‘wrong’ ancestors,” reads the caption on this funny video. In this case, he seems to have been performing a ritual to connect with his Native ancestors, but in utilizing a raven feather, accidentally connected with his Scandanavian ones.

“Odin: He's a little confused but he's got spirit,” says one commenter, while others say he’s lucky hat he didn’t wind up with the Morrigan (a Celtic goddess) instead.

“It’s the spiritual equivalent of “Oh man I didn't mean to call you. Y’all's numbers are just right next to each other in my phone. My bad,” says another.

But hey, an ancestor is an ancestor and a god is a god, and there’s no saying that the spirits and ancestors of all his cultural heritages can’t work together to protect this gentleman. America is a melting pot, after all.