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People Are Convinced This Strange Voice in the Queen's Funeral Broadcast Belongs to Princess Di

Maybe they should listen to more upper crust Brits talking...

The English speaking world has been glued to coverage of the recent death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in the past few weeks, from the miles-long line of onlookers in London to the lavish funerary rites and all the pomp and ceremony surrounding the passage of power to her son, now King Charles III.

But the drama and scandal of this family has at times threatened to overcome the somber occasion, as the media focuses on what uniform the queen’s grandson Harry wore or where his wife Meghan sat. It is reminiscent of the non-stop media coverage and tabloid insanity that accompanied the new King’s first wife, Princess Diana, throughout her life and eventually even led to her death in France.

Now, some say Diana’s spirit was even part of the Queen’s funeral.


This video features a clip from the telecast of the funeral, in which an unexpected, upper-crust British woman clearly seems to say “The death is irreversible and in fact she’s trapped.”

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What is going on here?

Listeners all over the world were shocked at this unexpected “hot mike moment” and though the newscasters quickly recovered, there is no word about whose voice it was being broadcast.

Some savvy listeners swear it was the voice of the long-dead Princess Diana, claiming that it was the MVP of all EVP (electronic voice phenomena, or ghostly voices recorded via technology). Others say it was simply a mourner who got too close to a microphone.

But why would a mourner be saying something like that? Was it really Princess Di, informing us that the Queen is stuck in purgatory

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