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Arizona Woman Who Works In Funeral Home Sees Creepy Handprint She Can’t Explain

Time to start reworking that resume.

Funeral director Nichole Aranda loves her job, and doesn’t care if you think it’s weird. On her TikTok, she describes herself as an “event planner for spontaneous family reunions” and is aware that though some people find it creepy, she performs a necessary and even sacred role.

But that does not mean that she thinks everything that happens in her Arizona funeral home can be easily explained.


In this video, Aranda takes viewers on a tour of the creepy things that happened overnight in her funeral home. Beginning with a large handprint that materialized in the seat of the very first chair in the viewing room, to strange knocks and slamming doors in the waiting area and restroom, the entire building seems to thrum with spiritual energy.

In a later video, Aranda shows that the handprint is far larger than her own, and clarifies that she was the only one in the building. Additionally, when she played the recording back, you could hear a strange series of whispers when she got near the chair.

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The entire experience left this seasoned funeral director rather shaken. Even though her job gives her a healthy respect for the dead, that doesn’t mean she isn’t occasionally scared. At the end of the video, she shows that her hands are actually trembling as a result of the things she witnessed that morning.

“Your guests are just confused about where they are and how to move on,” one person advises in the comments. “Tell them to look for a light or a door.”

Aranda says she is rarely frightened, despite being surrounded by death, but would prefer if the spirits who sometimes linger would not slam doors or bang the furniture around in this peaceful spot. 

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