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TikTok Astrologer Breaks Down How This Week's Full Moon Can Help You

Get ready for some powerful lunar juju.

Whether or not you believe in astrology, there is no denying that the full moon is a powerful presence when it appears. For those who wish to stay in tune with the forces of the celestial bodies above us, the full moon is an excellent time to get rid of the old and set into motion those things that we want in our lives.

This month’s moon is especially powerful, as this TikTok Astrologer explains. 


In the video, the woman explains that this full moon is a particularly lucky one, due to the moon’s relationship with Jupiter. What exactly that means for you depends on your own astrological sign, but everyone can expect a little boost this week, thanks to a host of lucky star movements. Whether that counts for luck in love, business, or home life, now is the time to set your intentions for the coming month and get to manifesting.

Other good ideas to celebrate the full moon include cleaning house, journaling, scrying and taking a ritual, full-moon bath. Because the moon draws on all water in the earth, submerging yourself in some during this time is going to help you connect with it. 

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Not only is this lucky full moon happening, but Mercury is finally going out of retrograde, so any projects you may be stalled on or things you haven’t been able to get off the ground— now is an excellent time to go for it, with both the full moon and Mercury on your side. 

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