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Here’s How One Witch Cares for Her Front Porch

It’s about creating a sacred space.

We all want our space to feel like home. Whether that is striving for a clean, minimalist home or embracing a maximalist approach, dripping with personality and flavor, the goal is to find a way to feel comfortable and happy in a place to call your own.

For this witch, her front porch is like the face the of her home, and she wants it to reflect not only who she is and what she believes, but also serve as a form of magical protection for anyone—and anything— that might cross her threshold. Find out how she does it below.


In the video, a TikTok witch shares information about how she prepares and maintains her front porch.

First, she always keeps her porch swept clean, to clear it of negative energy (and, presumably, dead leaves.) Next, she uses the cleansing crystal selenite to draw a rune of protection on the threshold. Further protection is provided by rosemary.

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Like any good witch, she loves brooms, and hangs a decorative one on the front door for abundance, protection, and to ward off evil. (You can also lean a regular-sized one next to your front door.) She also hangs another broom on the inside door handle, for the same reason.

She leaves out a small bowl of salt water to help remove bad energies collected during the day. (She advises flushing it and making a fresh batch once a week at least.)

Most of these tips seem pretty easy to follow, and will help you feel like your home is protected and welcoming. 

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