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Woman Filming Friend Goofing Around Captures Mirror Mysteriously Moving

We definitely saw it too, ladies!

Some people think ghosts only come out to play when there’s no one around, knocking things over or moving chairs in the middle of the night. But some ghosts like to party as well, as can be seen in this surprising video.


This silly clip features a young woman who maybe had a few too many White Claws dancing around her bedroom, before she’s frightened by a noise in a nearby closet. After nearly jumping out of her skin she leaps to join her roommate on the bed, who noticed nothing. However, when they play the tape back, you can clearly see the mirror shaking and arcing away from the door, as if someone was knocking on it from behind.

Even the dog, who had previously been watching the woman’s antics, starts to get curious about what exactly it is that’s hiding in the closet.

And they don’t have answers, either. In a follow-up video, TikToker @opalsghosts attempts to how skeptical viewers that her roommate was nowhere near the closet door to move it, and that the shaking mirror was not the result of her roommate accidentally bumping the closet door with her hands or stomping with her feet nearby. 

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In other videos, their security cameras catch a parade of ghostly orbs having their own nighttime celebrations in her home. So the question is, did the mirror ghost just want to join in the fun, or was it banging on the door to tell these ladies to settle down?

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