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This Freezer Spell Will Stop Enemies In Their Tracks

Worth a try.

Freezer spells are a popular form of magic with origins in Hoodoo tradition. The idea is to “freeze” whatever it is that’s troubling you. Is it a person you want to leave you alone or stop contacting, pursuing, or harassing you? Is it a problem on which you need to press pause, something you don’t want to see change or get worse before you have a chance to handle it. Or is it a spell that you yourself have cast and need to put a stop to? If so, try a freezer spell.

Freezer spells work just like the name implies: to perform the spell, you need a freezer.


This video shows how to work a freezer spell. First, you write your intentions, the name of the person or thing you are trying to freeze, and other details about how you want it to work on a piece of paper. Put that in a sealable bag of water and place it in the freezer.

The video suggests this is a good solution for bills, but be careful not to use the actual bill (you don’t want to damage it). You can ask for the money to pay the bill as well.

“I tried this on my coworkers. It works!” declares one viewer.

“I put someone in the freezer January 1, she was out of my life by March,” claims another.

One of the benefits of magic like this is that it’s a protective spell that works without “hexing” or “cursing” another person, which is a far more complicated bit of witchcraft.