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Man Makes "Frankenstein" Squash And Other Veggies

Do a mummy melon next...
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The tradition of carving pumpkins and other gourds into monstrous heads goes back to Celtic pagans, who believed that these carvings would help invite friendly spirits near them, while banishing others. The practice of carving scary faces into pumpkins, a ubiquitous New world gourd, became popularized in New England in the 1800s, and spread out from there.

But carving is not the only thing you can do to your gourds to make them festive this fall. You can also grow them to have monster heads, and if you want to take advantage of the opportunity this fall, you’d better start on your quest now. 


This company makes plastic molds you can lock around your growing squash, watermelons, pumpkins and even apples in your garden. Once the mold is locked around the fruit, it will grew and press into the mold, naturally forming the shape of whatever the mold is.

Molds such as these are already hugely popular in Asia, where it’s normal to see “square” watermelons, grown in molds for ease of transport and stacking. They also sell heart shaped apple molds that can be placed on trees to create naturally heart-shaped fruit to give to a loved one.

But the most popular molds are the “spooky” ones, designed for autumnal squashes and pumpkins. They sell Frankenstein, mummy, and even vampire face molds, for use on pumpkins and squashes.

The molds must be firmly attached when the vegetables are very small, and even screwed into place, as growing fruit is much stronger than you might think. The full instructions are available at the site where you purchase the molds.

Happy haunted gardening!