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Four Mysterious Glowing Lights Were Spotted in Mexican Night Sky

Always ask "Is it aliens?"

“I don’t know, dude, that’s pretty crazy!” That is what this man was saying as he pressed record on the camera of his phone to capture the lights in the sky unlike anything he’d seen before. Four bright glowing dots in the sky seem to be slowly descending down and several friends off-screen are all discussing this strange phenomenon. A woman asks what they are and the boisterous man holding the camera laughs as he exclaims “I don’t know, dude!” 

The friends were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when they spotted this aerial anomaly they believe to be UFOs. Similar lights were seen near Columbus, Ohio in 2013 and were attributed to a skydiving light show from the nearby Scioto Downs, a local casino. 

Some suggest it could be flares or drones, but neither account for the slow, drifting movement. Commenters are skeptical that skydivers would be able to hover for so long, but parachutes would account for that movement.

Believers in extraterrestrial visitors from space tend to doubt many official explanations, especially after government documents were released showing the study and collection of data on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. These doubts will likely continue until the public feels that full transparency has been achieved.

Another possible explanation for these odd hovering lights in Mexico could be paper lanterns set off at a distant celebration that have drifted particularly far on an evening breeze. 

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