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Foster Mom Films “Ghost Child” Playing in Yard on Security Camera

It's like they know this is a safe place...
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Why is the idea of a child ghost so much more terrifying than an adult one? Perhaps it is related to the unrelenting wrongness of a child being dead at all. The very thought is unnatural, and so an unnatural spirit of such a thing is doubly so. A young person, taken long before their time, should not be trapped on the mortal plane, doomed to walk the earth alone, unseen and unnoticed, and incapable of moving on.

This foster mom thought she caught sight of the ghost of a child playing in her yard on her security camera. But what’s really being filmed here?

In the video, which appears to be taken from a security camera overseeing a yard, there appears to be a small, human figure running across the screen. Is it the ghostly image of a child, or are our eyes playing tricks on us?

Tough to tell. It could just be a sweep of frost or a spider’s web, which are often mistaken for “ghosts” on security cameras. Pareidolia, the human mind’s capacity for recognizing shapes, especially humanoid ones, in random stimuli, can often account for why we’re so quick to see spirits in the shadows.

Another option is that it’s a glitch in the camera’s memory. The way the storage often works on such cameras, the same buffer is used over and over again, which can result in ghostly artifacts from times the children of the house actually were playing outside.

Or…. Maybe it’s a a ghost child, who knew exactly where it was safest to roam.

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