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TikTok Musician Plays Music On Strange ‘Orb’ He Finds in Forest

Feel the vibes...

When I find a strange object in the woods, my first instinct is not to turn it into a musical instrument, but then again, I am not famous TikTok musician Tarun Nayar, who posts under the moniker Modern Biology. His whole deal is trying to coax music out of the things he finds in the wild, whether that’s mushrooms, berries, or strange, enormous orbs nestled amongst the trees. 


In this video, Nayar has found a giant rusted metal sphere, and instantly grabs a stick and begins to bang out a jaunty little tune. Though he was baffled by the origin of his strange new instrument, the viewers of his popular TikTok channel were able to enlighten him. Turns out it is an old logging wrecking ball, left behind by some crew decades earlier.

“I feel like it would be part of the musical tradition of a post-apocalyptic society,” says one commenter, and now all I’m picturing is those fiery musicians from Mad Max Fury Road. A wrecking ball would definitely be an instrument in their band!

Rusted logging equipment isn’t the only thing this electronic artist and former biologist likes to make music from. His TikTok rocketed to stardom when he began attaching electrodes to plants and fungi and using the resulting bioelectric changes in the leaf, mushroom, etc. to shift the tone in the synthesizer and create ambient music. A few minutes poking around his channel is enough to make me want to get over my fears of weird things in the forest, head out into the wilderness and commune with the woods. 

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