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Calm Down, It’s a Flying Squirrel - Not a Monster

Have you ever seen one in the wild?

Sometimes a simple walk through the forest can bring the most amazing mysteries, and in this case it might also be the most adorable. A hiker spotted a strange creature that looks like a cross between a bat and a squirrel climbing a rock face and whipped out his camera for a close up. This adorable critter is clearly a flying squirrel - or is it? As it stretches to climb between two branches a clear view of its back can be seen and it has an unusual tail - or lack thereof.  

This cute critter seems to have a small tail connected with the same connective skin flaps between the limbs that allow it to “fly” which is different from what is seen in other pictures across the internet which show a fluffy and traditional squirrel tail. Every other feature of this animal is consistent with flying squirrels such as the big eyes and puppy-like face. Is it possible this is a new species?

New species are still being found regularly in modern times, such as the recent feathered serpent found in Thailand that has evaded scientific classification so far. In 2009n several new and bizarre species were discovered in a remote extinct volcano in Papua New Guinnea such as the world’s largest rat, fanged frogs, and grunting fish. All in all that expedition turned out about forty new species from that one study alone. 

While the flying squirrel in this video may not be a bizarre and mystifying cryptid, it is interesting and we’d like to know more about why it doesn’t have a tail.

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