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Boat Captain Catches Video of Strange Creature off Florida Coast

Is it a sea monster?
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If you’re looking for something weird, you may just find it in Florida. From the state’s own Bigfoot-like cryptid, the “skunk ape,” to the town full of psychics, Florida has the literal corner on the country’s bizarre and unusual. Some say it’s the fact that it’s nearly surrounded by water. Others blame the crystalline structures of the ancient sand beds on which the state is situated. Still others say that Florida is where weird people go to hide out. After all, there’s a reason the internet likes to talk about “Florida man.”

But despite all that water, it’s strange that Florida doesn’t have a resident sea monster. Then again, maybe they don’t need to invent an elusive one—there are already plenty of dangers lurking in the deep.

This boater caught video of a strange animal swimming off the coast of Florida recently, But upon closer inspection, is it so very strange?

The creature moves with a long, serpentine motion, and yet appears to have a large, bumpy head. It is a monster, and it does go in the sea, but it’s not the stuff of folklore. Rather, what is seen in this video is the uncommon though not unheard-of occasion in which one of Florida’s many, many alligators decide to go for a dip in the salt water.

Though alligators prefer fresh water, they can and will go swimming in the ocean for short periods of time, especially when the hunting is good.

Their long tails do look serpentine as they properly the mammoth creatures through the surf. As always, please be careful upon encountering alligators in the wild.

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