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People in Switzerland Baffled by "Floating Man" Caught on Film

Who—or what—is that?
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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…a flying Swiss man? Bystanders in Kandersteg, Switzerland, were baffled by the sight of what looked like a man levitating high above the mountain ridge. Though reports of flying men have been known since time immemorial, the advent of pocket phones mean more and more people are able to take their own pictures, and speculate wildly on what it is we’re actually seeing.

Is it a superhero, or a mystical yogi up in a mountain retreat? Is it one of these new-fangled jetpacks that keep promising to come out of the testing facility and into our airspaces? Or are they just imagining what it is they are seeing? Let’s investigate.

In the video, a group of tourists are pointing and crying out over what they perceive as a person floating in the air on a nearby mountain ridge. This video was originally posted to Reddit’s “High Strangeness” forum last summer, where users debate and debunk such odd happenings from submissions sent in from around the world.

This one was particularly popular, especially as the original witness posted dozens upon dozens of videos, photos, satellite locations, and angles, trying desperately to determine if he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.

Some believe—especially based on the evidence in this video—that the object was most likely a wind sock or other device on some kind of pole. Others say it could be a tethered balloon of some sort.

The bottom line is that the poster provided enough evidence on his own that this object is not supernatural in nature, so people reposting it now on other social media sites, devoid of context, are just trying to pull the wool over their viewers’ eyes.

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