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What Were These Floating Lights in the Sky In Massachusetts?

Are they UFOs?

There is no denying that UFO sightings have exploded in recent years. And maybe we are getting more, or maybe it’s a combination of a variety of factors, like how we all have very nice cameras in our pockets, and also, even the government is admitting the UFO phenomenon is real. After all, when the authorities said anyone who claimed they saw a UFO was nuts, you’d be more inclined to think that weird thing you saw in the sky was just a stray balloon. However, once military officials sat down in front of Congress and admitted it was all real, you might be more willing to entertain the idea that the unidentified thing in the sky truly is unidentified but everyone.

But just because people are filming a lot of UFOs lately, doesn’t mean every bright speck in the sky is in fact a UFO. Take these floating orbs recently filmed in the sky in Massachusetts.


I’m a big fan of so-called Orb UFOs, but this video? It looks like floating paper lanterns, sailing gently in a line due to a breeze. They work along the same principles as hot air balloons, in which the heated air from the flame within the lanterns lift the lightweight paper structures into the sky.

The creator of this video, however, denies that this could be the case. “No way, they were blinking. Definitely something mechanical. They were big like some sort of aircraft, only there was no sound.”

Only, even in the video they do not look particularly big. They seem to be floating only a few dozen yards above the street lamps in this video, which means their size would be nowhere near an “aircraft”, but rather would be consistent with a beach ball. Additionally, they do not appear to be blinking at regular intervals, but rather, emitting a gentle, irregular twinkling, as if there is a lit flame within.

Then again, she was there. What do you think?