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A Flickering Candle Might Have Spiritual Significance

Someone is trying to send you a message.

Nowadays, ghost hunters use all kinds of technology to speak to the dead. They have specially modified radios called spirit voices that can flip through channels and call out in human voices, electromagnetic doodads that claim to capture spirit energy on a spectrum, and even the occasional gaming system or Tesla that can supposedly detect ghosts with their super-powered sensors.

Sometimes, however, we like to get in touch with spirits the old fashioned way: via bell, book, and candle.


According to this video, you don’t need all these expensive pieces of tech to tell if a spirit is near you. All you need to do is light a candle. The flickering flame of a candle can signal if a ghost is nearby and trying to send you a message. Or, maybe, that there’s a draft.

The video goes on to claim that if the candle you have lit is a devotional one, what a flickering—as opposed to steady—flame means is that your deity of choice is there, listening and ready to grant your prayer, intercede on your behalf, etc.

“One of my candles keeps going out on its own,” writes on viewer in the comments. “Trying to figure out what that can mean.” The video creator says whatever spell this person is crafting won’t work in that case.

But she doesn’t have all the answers.

“What if the candle explodes, glass flying everywhere?” One woman asks, desperately. “he flame is still going. I need answers, I was at a guy’s home last night and this happened.”

That comment was from two days ago, but there’s been no response yet. Won’t someone tell this poor girl what it means?