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Fisherman Records an Otherworldly Song Coming From the Sea

Sirens are calling to him.

The legend of the siren has its roots in ancient history. In the Odyssey, the Ancient Greek king, explorer, military genius, and all around badass Odysseus encountered the creatures, who were described as beautiful but deadly women. In order to hear their enchanting music without risking the death the sirens promised, Odysseus lashed himself to his ship’s mast so that he alone could hear their song while his shipmen rowed on, their ears stuffed with wool so they would not be tempted.

Apparently, the sirens are still out there, and they are still calling to sailors, as this fisherman has been documenting on his TikTok.


In the video, a modern-day seafarer, .sauce.90, shares some of the strange sounds he hears while out at the water, and yes, it includes some unexpected songs. In the video above, he’s actually calling to the creatures, lurking out there in the pitch-black waters. It seems a little dangerous to me, but judging from his position on the boat, this is a guy who likes to live on the edge. They immediately respond, as if to say, why not take a little dip.

In other videos, this fisherman reveals that he’s become obsessed with the songs of the sirens he hears at night, and feels depressed when weeks go by without encountering them again. All of this is very much in keeping with the age-old legends about the creatures. For now, he’s safe, and continuing to post amazing videos of the strange things he sees, and hears, at sea. 

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