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Medium Gives Tips on How to Find Your Spirit Guide

Apparently everyone has one.

In troubled times like these, it’s nice to know that someone is looking out for you, which is why more and more people are seeking out their own personal spirit guides. In this video, a psychic medium gives you ten tips on how to find your own. 


In the video, the psychic explains ten rules to help you discover your own personal connection to the spirit world.

1. Everyone has one. (That’s a relief!)

2. You probably have more then one. (As different spirit guides perform different roles in your life, this just makes sense.)

3. It’s probably not one of your ancestors.(Although it can be.)

4. Your guide has been connected to you since before you were born. (They are “contractually obligated” to help you.)

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5. They are looking to help you in your life, not to do things for them. (If you’ve found a spirit that’s asking for the latter, this is not your spirit guide!)

6. There is no one right way to communicate with your spirit guide. (Maybe dreams, or intuition, or physical “signs.)

7. They are always sending you signs, even if you don’t notice. (Get your face out of your phone, unless that’s how they are choosing to communicate?)

8. Different guides may show up to help you in different times of your life. (Some may be there for a few days, some for years.)

9. Some of them may be connections you have made in your past lives.

10. The more you talk to them, the better your channels of communication will be.

Practice makes perfect, after all. 

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