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'Haunted' Woman Shares Tips on How to Fend Off Ghosts

Unless you want things to go bump in the night?

I’ve learned not to look at ghost videos too late in the evening, for fear that whatever it is I see will keep me up all night long. For those of you who haven’t yet committed to this restful routine, or who are otherwise bothered by entities that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, here are a few tips on how to get rid of unwelcome spirits in your home.


In this video, TikTok nurse and ghost expert Abbey Sobota shares a few small things you can do to “make yourself less attractive to things that lay on the other side. The simplest tip of all (and one that can serve you well for beings both supernatural and earthbound) is to have good manners. “A simple go away, please, is a great starting spot.“ 

She also recommends putting a bit of salt under your bed to banish both spirits and bad dreams. Other ingredients she says can protect you from ghosts include cedar, iron, jasper, black tourmaline, “herbs you grow yourself” and heirloom jewelry, as your ancestors may offer you protection from beyond. She also notes that if your religion has any traditions to help fend off ghosts, they are probably well-tested and highly effective.

The most unsettling advice she offered was to “never rock an empty rocking chair,” which is an Appalachian superstition that warns doing so will invite a spirit to sit in it.

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“I have been haunted since I was very young and this is what I’ve learned,” she explains, adding that “it’s normal to feel a little spooked,” when dealing with beings from the other side, but they aren’t all scary or malicious. 

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