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Mom Believes she Caught Late Husband Soothing Son on Baby Monitor

And we are all choosing to believe that’s exactly what it was.
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Losing a parent is always a difficult thing, but losing one whiles still a child can have a profound impact on you for the rest of your life. There is so much wisdom and so many life lessons that they are unable to impart, so much support and love that they are unable to provide at a delicate and fundamental time in a child’s life. This unfortunate baby lost his father when he was only three months old, and never had the chance to know how much he was loved.

Or maybe he does. In this video, a grieving young mom is shocked by what she sees other son’s baby monitor one night.

In the video, which shows a record of the baby monitor’s recording, you can see a brilliant orb resting on the baby’s sleeping head, moving slightly, as if a spirit hand is stroking the sleeping child’s cheek.

“The veil is thin,” the widow writes in the caption.

In the comments, nearly everyone agrees. Even the psychic who was called in to “confirm” what the woman is seeing agrees that what is important is that the family believes that the father is visiting. It’s real to them, and that is what matters.

It’s pretty to think that the spirits of those we loved in life hang around as our guardian angels, and I’m sure it touches this poor woman and her son greatly to know, in their hearts, that his father is looking out for him, always.

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