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Doorbell Camera Captures Mysterious Shadow Figure Outside New York Farmhouse

Who wouldn't want to spend their afterlife rocking on a porch in upstate New York?

When a family bought a farmhouse in upstate New York from the 1800s, they expected it to come with a lot of history, But what they didn’t expect was that they’d be dealing with restless spirits. However, her since moving in, the lady of the house has been documenting some of the strange things they’ve noticed in their home, everything from slamming doors and cold spots, to things moving on their own, and shadowy apparitions that cannot be explained away.


In this video, TikToker @tasha_dazzz, who has been documenting all the paranormal activity they’ve encountered in their home on social media, shares a video captured by their doorbell camera just after midnight one night. The camera shows a disembodied shadow approaching and appearing to sit down on a rocking chair, before bolting off to places unknown.

This isn’t the first time they have noticed a strange shadow in their home. In another video, a shadow appears to creep along the wall without blocking the light on the furniture or other objects that a normal shadow might.

The woman posting all these videos is baffled by what she is seeing in her house. Sometimes weeks will go by with no paranormal activity at all, and then the shadows will return, scaring her, her pets, and the rest of her family. They have had paranormal investigators in, but no one has been able to tell them how to get rid of these spirits. They currently believe the ghosts are restless do to renovations they are doing, and hope the spirits will settle down once the house itself is put in order.  

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