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Farmer Discovers Strange Debris From Outer Space All Over His Property

Who left all that behind?
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If I were a farmer, and I ever woke up to find out that a spaceship had crash-landed in my corn field, I’d spend some time looking around for baby Kal-el. After all, being the adopted parents of Superman comes with some pretty fine perks.

Of course, this farmer didn’t get any adorable and super-powered baby aliens along with his field full of space debris. Instead, he just got a burned and broken mess. 


This video depicts the little-seen aftermath of space launches. While most bits of space debris burn up during re-entry, and others fall, unseen and unnoticed in the world’s oceans (which cover seventy percent of the Earth’s surface, so luck is on marine burials), occasionally, a piece of a rocket or a bit of broken satellite makes it back to land. There, it can be quite a disturbing sight, and can sometimes even cause damage to people’s property.

Mick Miner, a sheep farmer in New South Wales, Australia, was stunned to discover pieces of spacecraft embedded in the soil of his ranch. After reporting the incident to authorities, he was told by the Australian Space Agency that the pieces were identifiable as debris from a SpaceX rocket.

More interestingly, it is estimated that the pieces were going at more than 15,000 miles per hour when they re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere, building up a remarkable temperature through friction, which resulted in their burned and charred appearance.

Though no one yet has been hit by space debris, statisticians say with the amount of junk up there now, the chances of a person. somewhere among the billions of people on this planet, being hurt by something falling out of outer space this decade is hovering at around ten percent.