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Scottish Dad Makes Daughter a Secret Fairy Trail

Who is cutting onions in here?!

The building of fairy houses or fairy pathways has become a popular pastime lately. Why have a normal garden when you can have a magical one? In a fairy garden or path, the landscape is dotted with tiny doors set into the bases of trees and stumps; itty bitty tea sets made of bits of shell and glass set among the rocks and toadstools; miniature rope ladders, bridges, or sets of stairs between branches; and all manners of other quirky and ethereal items to aid the supernatural population of your garden.

Though some fairy experts warn that these gardens are not exactly safe to build, given that attracting fairies might come with unexpected consequences, you can’t deny that these things are darling, especially in the case of this one.


Scottish father Josh has been documenting his admirable restoration of a bit of wilderness near his home. While working, he thought he’d install something special for his toddler daughter, Maia: a fairy path. In this video they are touring the wilderness in search of fairies and it’s tough to tell what is more adorable: his accent or her utter delight as she discovers each tiny door. I’ll be giggling about her confusion between triangles and squares all day.

In the comments section, viewers have more tips for Josh on extending the enchantment for Maia: games like leaving buttons on her pillow and claiming they are gifts from the fairies (only if she’s past the age where such things are a choking hazard, otherwise, stick with petals!) and inventing stories to go along with the fairies at each “address” in the woods.

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Josh and his family have recently been hit with a wave of rotten luck, from bouts with COVID to some broken vehicle, so it's nice to see them enjoying a touch of pure magic.

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