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People Think a Spider Caught a Fairy

It looks like a tiny human skull with wings.

At first it seems like an average potted plant, but this person wasted no time in zooming in on what seems to be a spiderweb that caught a fairy. Clear and steady footage shows a mysterious tiny skull that looks distinctly human and has what appears to be a tiny ribcage beneath it, and pale yellow fairy wings sprouting from behind. Somewhere mixed in is a spider with thick banded legs poking out, making it look as if it is devouring a fairy.  

Is this a simple fairy caught in a spiderweb situation? It sure does look like something supernatural has to be going on here and the only alternative science-based answers seem almost as unlikely! 

One alternative explanation could be the "death’s head” spider, steatoda nobilis, also known as the noble false widow. These terrifying arachnids have a bulbous abdomen with cream colored markings that eerily resemble a tiny human skull. They are most commonly found in the United Kingdom, although they are an invasive species that has spread to other parts of the world. Potentially, there could be two spiders on this web and the angle is portraying only the skull-like portion of the second spider because the skull doesn’t appear to have legs coming out of it and is detached from the bits that are clearly spider legs.

Another potential explanation for this could be a haunting amalgamation of bits of other things. Snapdragon flowers are said to resemble the colorful face of a dragon when in bloom, but when they dry out for the season they turn a pale cream and shrivel up into something that looks exactly like a tiny fairy skull. The ‘ribcage” could be a dried and split open exoskeleton shed by a cicada, and the wings could be a normal butterfly or moth that stumbled into the sticky web.

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