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Woman Has Interesting Theory On Fairy Gardens Every Fae Lover Should Hear

BRB making a fairy house stat!

Building a fairy house in your garden has become a popular trend. At its most simple, all you need are a few small pieces of wood to fashion into a tiny door and threshold against the base of a rock or tree, but I’ve seen some marvelously elaborate fairy cottages, with rope bridges, pathways, chimneys, and even balconies. At what point exactly does it become a fairy mansion?

I always figured it was little more than a bit of fun, like getting a stone garden gnome. But after watching this video, I’m not so sure. Maybe there is some truth to the idea that if you build it, they will come. 


In this video, a woman points out that after building a fairy house on an old stump in her garden, a ring of mushrooms popped up around the space. Then, her mother built a fairy house in her own garden, only to watch a giant toadstool pop up right next to the house she constructed, as well as a host of other fungi they’d never before seen in their yard, like potent reishi mushrooms or giant yellow amanitas.

She wants to know what it is she has invited into her garden with these fairy homes, but isn’t the obvious answer fairies? And like any new residents of a house, they are all ready to spruce it up, whether that’s with a nice new fence (the fairy ring) or a couple of decorative toadstools.

I’m sure, ma’am, that if you respect your new neighbors, everything will be just fine.