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Woman Mistakenly Accepts ‘Gift’ From Fairies and Apparently They’re Ruining Her Life

This was a big “oops.”

I think if there’s one lesson of value to take from fairy tales, as a body of work, it’s to beware of gifts from fairies, because they come with some powerful strings attached. Whether that is a promise to provide your first born child or the danger of angering the enough to turn the gift into a curse, there are reasons that folklore experts claim that inviting fairies into your life (indeed, interacting with them at all) is something that should only be done under extreme caution and with plenty of protective measures in place. But this young mom didn’t do that, and now, unfortunately, she is paying the price. 


In this video, TikToker Chantel North shares the way her life has been altered since finding and accepting an unknown “gift” a month earlier. Apparently, she found an acorn cap with a mysterious crystal embedded inside of it. Though she was advised at the time by viewers on her TikTok channel not to accept the gift but rather to bury it and avoid it, she ignored them. Ever since, she reports, things in her house have been a touch sketchy. (Actually, what she says is, “S*** has been f***** up.”)

Though she doesn’t go into details about the kinds of hardships she has experienced, she did specify that the fairies she has apparently been inviting in to her house have been speaking to her child in her room, teaching her to fly and asking them to come with her.

Time for some wards, lady. 

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