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Folklore Expert Explains the Fae’s Funny Reaction to Human Fairy Gardens

Making one might not be a good idea.

Though building a fairy garden in your yard has become a popular trend, there are many reasons why it may not be the smartest idea. Here, a folklore expert breaks down what you are really inviting into your life.


Fairy circle or fairy ring: (CJ differentiates between these terms, but most use them interchangeably). A circle of mushrooms growing on its own. Many believe that these form as a result of fairy activity. In the video, folklorist Piper CJ claims that a fairy ring is where the veils between the fae world and are own are especially thin, allowing the creatures access. Other legends regarding fairy rings specify that stepping into one gives the fairies power over you. For instance, they can require you to dance until you drop.

Fairy garden: a habitat that humans build for fun or possibly fairy guests, usually consisting of adorable rustic decor built into the side of a tree, rock, etc.

According to CJ, fairies think the idea of humans building fairy gardens is analogous to a parent admiring their child’s mud pie. It’s nothing compared to what they are capable of, but they are more than willing to acknowledge your efforts and even play along.

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But that is where it might become dangerous. Fairies do not play by human rules, and though you may have attracted them on the grounds of being whatever the fairy’s idea of “adorable” is, they are still more than capable of screwing up your life.

In general, one wants to avoid the attention of the fair folk. It’s the safest option. 

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